I’m a freelance cinematographer based in NYC. I love obsessing over creating images and stories and what gear to buy next.

However, after going through many stages of personal development and mountains of self-help books and articles, I just felt called to write about things I’ve gone through. Stuff that’s outside of a working environment. Let me start by saying I am optimistic about what life has to bring and working towards that daily. Some days I move faster than others.

While I’ve had great moments with great people in my work, I’ve also had incredibly frustrating and maddening moments where I’ve felt completely alone and didn’t know who to talk to. When I was in college, and then in the software industry, I always had mentors and teachers who could guide me through things. That hasn’t always been the case for me during my freelance career. Being a freelancer can be isolating at times when it comes to relating to people who are going through what you are.

Over time, ‘random’ mentors and colleagues would show up right when I needed them to either walk me through what I was experiencing, or confirm that I wasn’t alone in the process. My hope is that through these articles and musings that people will be able to say ‘oh yes, I am going through this too’. Sometimes, just knowing others have gone through the same thing can relieve a lot of second guessing yourself.

And of course, you can check my work out at www.arthurwoo.com